Types of high precision cold drawn tubes

- May 07, 2020-

High-precision cold-drawn pipe is a kind of steel pipe, that is, it is classified according to different production processes, which is different from hot-rolled (expanded) pipe. In the process of expanding the diameter of the capillary tube or the raw material tube, it is made by multiple cold drawing processes, usually on a single-chain or double-chain cold drawing machine of 0.5 to 100T.

High-precision cold-drawn pipes are divided into general steel pipes, low and medium-pressure boiler steel pipes, high-pressure boiler steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, petroleum cracking pipes, machined pipes, thick-walled pipes, small-diameter pipes and internal-mold cold-drawn pipes. Also includes carbon thin-walled steel pipes, alloy thin-walled steel pipes, stainless steel thin-walled steel pipes, and special-shaped steel pipes.

The high-precision cold-drawn tube has an outer diameter of up to 6mm, a wall thickness of up to 0.25mm, and a thin-walled tube with an outer diameter of up to 5mm. The wall thickness is less than 0.25mm. The accuracy and surface quality are higher than those of hot-rolled (expanded) tubes. Restrictions, its caliber and length are restricted.