Uniform heat and hardness requirements of Cold Drawn Honed Tube blanks

- Dec 06, 2018-

When the Cold Drawn Honed Tube is selected, the material with low hardness and good plasticity will be selected under the condition of strength guarantee. The specifications of the Cold Drawn Honed Tube should be selected according to the specifications of the finished product, and the elongation rate should be guaranteed in the use. Twenty to forty percent; the elongation is too small, the strength of the finished surface cannot be guaranteed, and it is too large to make the drawing difficult.

The surface of the material of the Cold Drawn Honed Tube can not have serious defects such as pits, cracks, cracks, folding, crusting, ellipse, etc. The whole product is heated strictly according to the process requirements, and the upper limit temperature is used for heating to prevent low temperature heating. For example, the heating temperature of carbon steel (1胪~45.) billet is 20~30°C higher than the original process, and the effect is better. According to statistics, the gap in the next five months fell by nearly 40%.

When the Cold Drawn Honed Tube is used, the inclined bottom furnace should be used to make the material evenly heated, so as to prevent the appearance of the yin and yang. At the same time, after the material is finished, the furnace door is closed to reduce heat loss. Strictly control the rolling rhythm to ensure that the billet is heated and penetrated without blackening. Avoid the phenomenon of perforated black spirals. Use high quality heavy oil to ensure the quality of the billet heating.www.ht-tube.com