Use of cold drawn large diameter honing pipe

- Sep 06, 2019-

Use of cold drawn large diameter honing pipes:


Engineering hydraulic machinery: such as hydraulic car cranes, excavators, bulldozers, forklifts and other large-diameter honing pipes are the main body of hydraulic cylinders. The inner holes are generally manufactured by precision machining such as boring, reaming, rolling or honing to make the piston The sealing member and the supporting member can smoothly slide to ensure the sealing effect and reduce the wear; the large-diameter honing pipe is subjected to a large hydraulic pressure, and therefore, should have sufficient strength and rigidity. Unlike honing, the honing process uses a honing head to extend into the hole, and then the machine rotates, reciprocates, and rises out of the grinding bar for cutting. The machine is a dedicated honing machine. There are vertical and horizontal The vertical type is more suitable for the continuous production of short parts of large quantities, such as cylinder liners. The horizontal type is more suitable for the production of longer parts. If it is processed cast iron, the production efficiency is several times higher than that of the inner round grinding. However, the honing efficiency of steel parts is worse than that of cast iron, but it is much faster than the internal grinding method. The accuracy is not a problem. Compared with the internal grinding, there is no more than continuous casting slab for hot-rolled steel tubes. Or the raw slab is used as raw material, heated by step heating furnace, descaled by high pressure water and then enters the rough rolling mill. The rough rolling material passes through the cutting head and tail, and then enters the finishing mill to carry out computer controlled rolling. Laminar cooling and coiler take-up and become straight hair rolls. The head and tail of the straight hair roll are often in the shape of a tongue and a fishtail. The thickness and width are poorly accurate, and the side has frequent defects such as a wave shape, a folded edge, and a tower shape.