Welding manipulator's technical features and advantages

- Apr 20, 2018-

In the process of use, the Welding manipulator mainly refers to the position required for the welder or the automatic welding head to move to the welding position. This can facilitate manual welding, semi-automatic welding, or automatic welding, so that it can be effective to a certain degree. To ensure the stability of its welding process.

Under normal circumstances, its common Welding manipulators are platform type, elbow type, gantry type and many other types. The Welding manipulator is often used to fit the roller carrier to complete the welding of the circular container ring weld.

Technical characteristics of the Welding manipulator

1. The Welding manipulator is fully hydraulically driven to a certain extent. The high integration valve block and the large flow rate of the entire device allow the pressure loss of the system to be reduced.

2. The Welding manipulator has high sealing performance and adopts imported sealing elements.

3. The oil temperature of the Welding manipulator is well controlled. The entire equipment adopts a unique design of the oil circuit, which truly puts the hydraulic system in the best condition. Even if it works under long-term and heavy-load conditions, it can be easily qualified.

4. The operation system of the equipment mainly uses a combination of a cycloid gear motor and an involute reducer, which perfectly realizes the infinitely variable travel and gantry rotation of the cart.

5. Special clamping mechanism with accumulator pressure compensation makes clamping strong and stable

6. The three-level linkage mechanism of the manipulator makes the jaws move up and down in parallel. The clamp rod tilts and rotates 360 degrees. The three-dimensional space can rotate freely.http://www.ht-tube.com/