Welding positioner equipment features

- Aug 02, 2019-

The welding positioner equipment has the following characteristics:


1. The DC permanent magnet motor is used to drive the rotary table to rotate. The rotary table runs smoothly and reliably, the welding speed is steplessly adjustable, and the speed regulation range is large and the adjustment precision is high.


2. Professional anti-high frequency interference design can effectively reduce high frequency interference during argon arc welding (TIG) welding and effectively improve welding quality.


3. The welding torch adjustment bracket and the pneumatic tailstock can be configured to realize the position of the fixed welding torch and the automatic clamping function of the workpiece.


4. It is convenient and suitable for welding chucks made by our company. We can also help you design practical tooling according to your actual needs.


5. The foot switch is used to control the rotation of the worktable, which is convenient to operate.


6. The configurable time control realizes the self-control function, and the linkage between the two can be realized by controlling the working state and working time of the welding machine.