Welding turning roll operation process

- Aug 18, 2019-

Today we will detail the operation of the welding turning roll:


1. The self-adjusting roller frame should be installed in a place that is strong, ventilated, rainproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and away from severe vibrations and bumps. It is strictly forbidden to spray corrosive liquid on the equipment.


2. Do not spray corrosive liquids on the equipment. When the main and driven roller carriages are installed at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the main and the follower frames are at the same level, and the center and heart lines are on the same straight line, and the measurement main and follower frames are diagonally adjusted.


3. Placement of workpiece requirements: The diameter and weight of the workpiece shall be strictly in accordance with the design regulations. Otherwise, accidents may occur in safety and accidents. The distance between the main and the secondary wheels shall be adjusted according to the length of the equipment.


4. The rubber wheel is only suitable for working under normal temperature conditions. Under special circumstances, the temperature of the workpiece and the rubber wheel should not be higher than 75 degrees, otherwise the rubber wheel may be damaged.


3. When using, the roller should be in full contact with the workpiece, and it is forbidden to contact the weld or sharp parts. At the same time, when hoisting the workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to hit the roller to prevent the roller or other components from being damaged. If the device is not fixed, the strong impact may cause the whole machine to be subverted.