Welding turning roll performance characteristics

- Aug 24, 2019-

Welding turning roll performance characteristics:


1. The welding roller frame is divided into two types: adjustable and self-adjusting. The four rollers of the active frame adopt full gear meshing transmission to realize four-wheel drive. One is the active roller frame and the other is the driven roller frame, which can be directly fixed at The station can also be mounted on the track.


2. The welding roller frame is generally used in groups, and the swing angle of the roller group is automatically adjusted according to the diameter of the workpiece, without manual adjustment.


3. When the imported frequency converter is steplessly regulated, the adjustment range is wide, the starting force distance is large, the precision is high, and the interlocking interface is left in the electrical box, which can be connected with the operating machine control system produced by our company to realize the linkage operation.