What are the differences after the cylinder tube is hot rolled?

- Mar 28, 2021-

The hot-rolled cylinder tube is mainly made of raw slabs or slabs of continuous casting round tubes. After being heated by an advanced heating furnace, and after the dephosphorization of high-pressure water, it will be directly fed For processing in the rough rolling mill, the rough rolling stock is mainly processed for head and tail trimming, and then it will be sent to the finishing mill again. The computer is used to control the rolling. After rolling, it needs to be processed. The laminar cooling and the coiling of the coiler will then become straight hair curlers. In fact, straight hair curlers are mainly fish-tailed or tongue-shaped on the head and tail, so whether it is in width, thickness, or precision The comparison is poor, because other defects such as wave shape, tower shape or hemming will appear in the position of the edge. In fact, after many times of treatment and processing of hot-rolled cylinder tubes, there are still more products that can be obtained. Because the types and treatment methods are different, their use and applications will be different, so manufacturers are choosing cylinder tubes When processing and obtaining the products you need, you should first consider your own needs.