What are the working advantages of the lead screw welding rotator?

- Jun 14, 2019-

The working advantages of the lead screw welding rotator are:


1. The roller frame can be used in any environment and is used for a wide range of purposes.


2. The thyristor DC motor is used to drive the ordinary roller frame, the speed is stable, and the infinite speed regulation can be realized. The material consumption of the work cycle is fixed, so all losses are controllable.


3. The DC power supply used in the roller frame does not need to be powered by fuel like a conventional transmission device. Does not produce gases or liquids that are harmful to the environment and meets environmental standards.


4. The roller frame has a simple structure and generally adopts the assembly mode of the module. Therefore, in our dispatching work, when a fault occurs or maintenance is required, only the corresponding module needs to be disassembled and detected, and the replacement is relatively simple.