What material is better for chrome hardened bar processing?

- May 20, 2019-

Piston rod machining has always been a problem for many piston rod workers, because the requirements for the material of the piston rod processing and the technical requirements for processing are relatively high. If the two do not work well, it will have a direct impact on the product quality and service life of the piston rod. Here, Wuxi Yirui Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces what materials are better for piston rod processing.


At present, chrome hardened bar processing is commonly used in the following two materials:


1, 45# steel


In general, if the load on the piston rod is not very large, it is usually manufactured using 45# steel. Because 45# steel is the most commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered structural steel, it has high strength and good machinability. Especially when the welding roller frame is properly heat treated, it can obtain certain toughness and plasticity. And wear resistance, so it is one of the most commonly used materials for piston rod processing.


2, 40Cr steel


If the piston rod is under heavy load, it is usually manufactured using 40Cr steel. Because 40Cr steel is a medium carbon quenched and tempered steel with good hardenability and low temperature impact toughness. Especially when it is quenched and tempered, it can have good comprehensive mechanical properties, and the hardness can reach between 32-36HRC, that is, between 301-340HB, so that the piston rod can have enough working strength. Therefore, the piston rod made of 40Cr steel is often used in piston rods with large impact force and heavy load transmission requirements.