Whether precision honed tube have different specifications and comparison with precision cold drawn tubes

- Nov 29, 2018-

Precision honing pipe, which is a specific type of honing pipe, and also the following learning and understanding objects, because this product is widely used in some industries and fields, so this work will be carried out, and then, know what is precision honing And can be used correctly and rationally.


1. Is the purchase of precision honed tube important?

The purchase of precision honing tubes can be said to be an important task, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the normal use of the product and its use, or it will cause waste due to the product can not be used and bring to the user. Economic losses. Therefore, this work should not be treated and carried out in order to avoid these problems. In addition, all factors must be taken into account, including product origin, detailed parameters, real-time quotes and price quotes, product quality, and after-sales service of manufacturers and products.


2. Is there a difference between precision cold drawn tubes and precision honing tubes?

Precision cold drawn pipe and ordinary honing pipe, these two pipes are very different. If they are compared, in the production process, the former is cold drawing and the latter is honing, or the former is extrusion cold forming process. The latter is a bore grinding process and is two different processes. The precision honing tube, which is one of the honing tubes, is also very different from the precision cold drawn tube, and there are many differences.


3. Does the precision honing tube have different specifications?

precision honed tube, which are in the large category of pipes, are also available in different sizes. In terms of selection, they can be selected according to actual conditions and usage requirements. Moreover, the precision honing pipe is divided into a large diameter and a small diameter. These two sizes are different in specific use and cannot be confused and used incorrectly.


4. What are the production processes of precision honed tube? Is the roughness good?

Precision honing pipe This kind of honing pipe can reach H8, H8 and even higher in precision, and the inner hole roughness of this pipe is very good. In the production process, there are pickling, honing machine honing, etc. The specific production process is determined by the use requirements and product use, and some equipment will be used to complete the work.http://www.ht-tube.com/