Working condition of Hydraulic Cylinder Honed Tube

- Jan 10, 2021-

The job of honing the tube is actually simple to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, but many people don't know how the honing tube works, let's briefly understand how the honing tube works.

When honing the pipe, there will be a sand strip. A lot of abrasive particles will be placed on the sand bar. If enough pressure is given to these abrasive particles, the honing tube will be at a certain speed and then rub the surface of the workpiece. Such extrusion and hanging side can finely reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece.

Also, when the sand bar is running and moving up and down, the abrasive particles will form a certain movement track on the surface. The cutting speed of the honing tube is relatively low, which can greatly improve the efficiency of honing.