Working efficiency and normal maintenance of large diameter rolling pipe

- Oct 06, 2018-

Large-diameter rolling pipes are becoming more and more widely used in the process of use. The products are very important components in the equipment. The daily maintenance of large-diameter rolling pipes is very important because it can effectively improve the products. Work efficiency, an important measure to effectively increase its service life.


The large-diameter rolling pipe mainly works as part of the piston and the cylinder during operation, so the maintenance of the piston and the cylinder portion becomes very important. When the large-diameter rolling pipe is in operation, a part of the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy. Therefore, the user needs to check the change of the oil temperature at the right time. When operating the machine, the piston of the large-diameter rolling pipe should be freely operated for a small period of time without load. The main operating medium in large-diameter rolling pipes is liquid oil, so it is required to keep the liquid oil clean.


The normal operation of large-diameter rolling pipe requires artificial normal maintenance. Under normal circumstances, in the process of using, you need to read the instructions carefully before you can understand it.