Detailed Introduction Of Honed Tubes And Skived & Roller Tubes

- Mar 30, 2019-

Detailed introduction of honed tubes and skived & roller burnished tubes

1) Product Specification 
Steel honed tubing or SRB tubes is made of seamless cold drawn steel pipes, the cold drawn tubes can be produced according to most popular international standards such as DIN 2391, EN 10216-2, ASTM A513-5, A 519, GB/T 3639 etc on customer's request.

2) Processing method
Hydraulic cylinder tubes and pneumatic cylinder tubing usually are produced by honing processing or SRB (Skived & Roller Burnished) processing after cold drawing and heat treatment.

2.1) Honing: 
Under the honing process, abrasive polishing stones and paper are used to grind to remove small amounts of material in the tube ID, in order to achieve the required extremely precise ID dimensions tolerances, and to remove surface imperfections from the tube drawing process and get the desired surface finish.
Utilizing the honing process, Hengtong can supply honed steel tubing with ID dimensional tolerances as precise as H8 tolerance, and surface roughness better (smoother) than Ra 0.4um.

2.2) SRB (Skived & Roller Burnished): 
The process of Skived & Roller Burnished (SRB for short) is a single pass operation that uses a Skiving tool on the forward stroke to skive the tube ID to the required size, and uses roller bearings on the reverse stroke, to burnish the surface to the required roughness. SRB process is faster than honing and normally can produce more precision tolerances and smoother surface finish than honing. 
Utilizing the SRB process, Hengtong can supply honed steel tubing (which are seamless skived tubes) with ID dimension tolerance as precise as H8, and inside surface roughness smoother than Ra 0.2um.

Normally, hydraulic cyliner tubes and pneumatic cylinder tubing produced by the above two processing are both called Steel Honed Cylinder Tubing. SRB tube is a kind of honed tube. To choose which processing method, it depends on customers' preference and the ID of the cylinder tube.

3) Size range
Hengtong's tube factory produces honed steel tubes in below size range.
Inside diameter: 50 mm to 406 mm
Wall thickness: 5 mm to 30 mm.
Length: we can supply honed tubes in fixed length up to 12000 mm.

4) Materials 
The most popular steel grades of honed cylinder tubing is SAE 1020, we also supplier honed tubes in SAE 1026, St 52 and other steel grades such as St35, ST 52.4, St 37.4, E255, E215, etc. on customers' request.

5) Features
As one of the main China hone tube manufacturer and supplier, honed steel tubes produced in Hengtongs factory have features as below.
- Smooth inside surface, the inside surface roughness could be better than Ra 0.4um. 
- High precision tolerance, the tolerance of honed steel tubing ID could be H7, H8, H9 accordidng to customers request. 
- Durable in use, as the first class quality honed tube manufacturer, our factory only uses prime quality raw materials, which insures the honed cylinder tubes durable in use.

6) Application  
 Honed tubes and SRB tubes (skived and roller burnished tubes) are mainly used for hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder manufacturing, and in shock bodies, accumulators, motor housing, pump barrel or any other applications where precision tolerances and smooth surface finishes are required.