How To Check The Structure Of The Welding Positioner Is Reasonable?

- Jul 30, 2019-

The development of welding positioner in China has been very mature and perfect. We can understand it simply by changing the welding position. It is to change the welding position and make the vertical welding, the up welding transformation and so on become flat welding. Reduced the difficulty of welding and efficient completion of welding tasks. So how to check if the structure of the welding positioner we purchased is reasonable?


1, check the positioner flip drive


(1) The tilting drive should be stable and not shaken under load, and the whole machine must not be overturned. If the load Q exceeds 25kg, it should have a power drive function.


(2) A limit device shall be provided to control the tilt angle and have an angle indicating sign.


(3) The tilting mechanism should have a self-locking function, which does not slide under load and is safe and reliable.


2, check the positioner rotary drive motor


(1) The rotary drive motor should achieve stepless speed regulation and can achieve braking.


(2) In the range of rotational speed, the speed fluctuation does not exceed 5% up and down when subjected to load.


3, other matters needing attention


(1) The positioner should be equipped with conductive means to prevent the welding current from passing through the transmission parts such as bearings and gears. The resistance of the conductive device should not exceed 1mΩ, and its capacity should meet the requirements of the rated current of the welding.


(2) The control part of the positioner should be provided with a linkage interface for automatic welding.


(3) The structure of the workbench should be convenient for loading the workpiece or installing the fixture, or negotiating with the user to determine its structural form.


(4) Accurate data of load and eccentricity and center of gravity should be clearly stated in the instruction manual of the positioner.