How To Deal With The Overheating Of The Round Chrome Bar During Use?

- Aug 07, 2019-

If you encounter a piston rod overheating during use, we should handle it like this:


1. The piston rod and the stuffing box are deflected during assembly, causing local friction and should be adjusted in time.


2. The holding spring of the sealing ring is too tight and the friction is large, which should be adjusted properly.


3. The axial clearance of the sealing ring is too small, and the axial clearance should be adjusted according to the specified requirements.


4. If the amount of oil is insufficient, the amount of oil should be increased appropriately.


5. The piston rod and the sealing ring are not well worn, and the running-in should be strengthened during the research.


6. Impurities are mixed into the gas and oil and should be cleaned and kept clean.


Piston rods are mainly used in hydraulic and pneumatic, engineering machinery, piston rods for automobile manufacturing, guide columns for plastic machinery, roller shafts for packaging machinery and printing machinery, textile machinery, shafts for conveying machinery, and linear optical axes for linear motion. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is really important!