How To Operate The CNC Honing Machine Correctly

- Jun 22, 2019-

The CNC honing machine should be calibrated frequently during operation so that it can maintain its accuracy. And when using it, we must also look at the size of its overtravel. If the overtravel is too large, it should be controlled, otherwise it will be easy to form a bell mouth during the work. When operating the CNC honing machine, keep it balanced on both sides.


Advantages of multiple honing tools: easy to operate, because the honing tool does not touch the "workpiece" does not participate in grinding" dimensional stability is good, more than 4 / group or 6 / group, use in groups, cutting edges, so processing Efficiency is higher than a single honing tool.


In the reciprocating movement of the honing machine, the dial indicator is adjusted to the rear end of the calibration sleeve for correction. At this time, the adjusting screw is the screw at the front end of the machine tool, and the method is the same as above. In this way, the bounce before and after the adjustment is repeated until the beat of the calibration set with the dial indicator is within. Use the trimming set and the grinding paste to grind the grinding rod, and then repair the grinding rod to see the arc, and then use the calibration sleeve to perform the secondary correction on the honing rod. The requirement is the same as above, and the workpiece can be honed after passing the test.