How To Prevent The Scratching Problem Of Large Diameter Thick Wall Honing Cylinder Tube?

- Sep 04, 2019-

If it is found that the large-diameter thick-walled honing cylinder tube workpiece has scratches, on the one hand, it is the material problem of honing the cylinder tube workpiece itself. Many units use inferior materials, so the materials used for processing must be carefully selected; On the one hand, it is the problem of the whetstone used in the honing rod or the honing head; or it is also the problem of the machine honing fluid during processing.


Honing of the honing cylinder tube is a way of polishing, but honing is only used for polishing the round hole. Polishing can be the finishing of the surface of any shape of the object; the inner shape or shape can be polished, and the honing is only polishing the round hole.


The honing cylinder tube is machined with a special honing head that is filled with various coarse oil stones to polish the surface of the inner hole. Although honing does not change the coaxiality of the inner hole and the outer shape or the relative position of the hole to the outer shape, it can polish the inner surface of the hole along the axis of the hole, so that the size of the hole meets the requirements of the process.


As the use of honing cylinder tubes is becoming more and more extensive, the quality of their products is becoming more and more uneven. The honing of cylinder tubes is an important component of the equipment. In addition to the quality of the material, its daily service is also affected. Important measures to increase the efficiency of their work and increase their service life.


After honing the cylinder tubes for a period of time, there are usually some minor faults. Once they are ignored, small problems can become a big problem. Since the main working part of the honing cylinder tube is the piston and the cylinder portion, the piston and the cylinder portion are prone to problems, so the maintenance of this portion becomes important.