How To Reduce Or Reduce The Leakage Of The Hydraulic Piston Rod Seal?

- Sep 06, 2019-

A correct response is more effective than half of the response.


A. Select the inner and outer double lip dust seals to prevent dirt from entering the hydraulic cylinder from the lip and the bottom of the groove. A protective plate is added to the piston rod earring to effectively reduce and avoid the hidden danger of the piston rod


B. During the work of the sealing ring, the protective measures for the mechanical painting process are added. Like the experience of foreign hydraulic cylinder dust-proof protection, it is necessary to install a special sealing ring at the lip of the dust-proof ring to effectively isolate it. Then remove the special seal and install the dust ring.


C. Improve the shaft seal assembly to avoid flow problems at the seal lip and edge material at high temperatures.


D. The piston rod surface is medium frequency quenched. Through medium frequency quenching, the hardness of the piston rod base body can be increased, which can increase the anti-collision capability of the piston rod surface and reduce the surface roughness of the piston rod. In addition, the plug rod forms a cylindrical structure, which can improve the bending strength of the piston rod.


E. Reasonably design and match the matching clearance between the piston rod and the guide sleeve. Ensure the lubrication of the lip of the sealing ring and avoid abnormal high temperature due to friction.