How To Reduce The Error Of Stainless Steel Chrome Plated Rod

- Jul 20, 2019-

Generally speaking, we use more stainless steel chrome plated rods in cylinders and cylinders, so if it is of poor quality, it will affect our normal operation. So what do we need to do to reduce the error in the stainless steel piston rod?


Due to the heavy load of the stainless steel piston rod and its guide post and guide sleeve, this process has an impact on our processing performance, because our operations are relatively high on their tolerances and position, so We can't choose too big when choosing.


We can also change the fixing method of the stainless steel piston rod. Usually we are improving his design. Of course, he can adjust the gap when assembling. We can also improve the mounting holes of the guide posts and then machine them, so that the error between them can be reduced.