Piston Type Hydraulic Cylinder

- Mar 13, 2018-

Only one end of a single piston rod hydraulic cylinder has a piston rod. It is a single piston hydraulic cylinder. Both A and B at both ends of the inlet and outlet can pass pressure oil or return oil to achieve two-way motion, so it is called a double acting cylinder.

The piston can only move in one way, and its reverse direction is done by external force. But the stroke is generally larger than the piston type hydraulic cylinder.

The piston hydraulic cylinder can be divided into two structures, one rod type and two bar type. The fixed way is fixed by cylinder block and piston rod two. According to the effect of liquid pressure, there are single acting and double acting. In the single acting hydraulic cylinder, pressure oil for hydraulic cylinder cavity by hydraulic pressure cylinder to realize single direction, reverse direction of movement by force (such as spring force, gravity or external loads) to achieve; and double acting hydraulic cylinder piston two direction movement through two alternatively. The oil inlet, on the function of the hydraulic pressure to complete.