The Honing Pipe Industry Is About To Enter A Deep Adjustment Period To Form A New Pattern

- Jun 30, 2019-

Since the beginning of the new century, China's honing pipe industry has become the world's largest producer and consumer of honing pipes after more than a decade of rapid development. Since the financial crisis in 2008, China's honing pipe industry has developed independently, and its annual output has been stable at around 70%. Up to now, China has built more than 500 advanced production lines of various types of grinding pipes, with a total production capacity of 45 million tons.


In recent years, with the continuous construction and transformation of many advanced honing pipe production lines, the capacity concentration and production level of China's Yanguan pipe industry have been further improved. However, at the same time, the growth rate of China's Yanhe tube production slowed down, and the apparent consumption even declined. The backward production capacity and low-end products still existed in large quantities. The operating rate and net profit growth and capacity growth of the Yanchang tube manufacturing enterprises formed. Great contrast, some companies even suffered serious losses.


At present, the industrial development situation is grim, the international economic recovery process is tortuous and slow, and the tone of China's economic development has changed from the rapid growth of the past to “steady growth and adjustment of structure”. The decline in domestic and international demand growth will greatly limit the rapid production of honing pipes. increase. It can be foreseen that China's honing pipe industry is about to enter a deep adjustment period, the competition will be more intense, and the production capacity distribution and variety structure will form a brand-new pattern in the constant market competition.


After nearly 10 years of rapid development in China's honing pipe industry, pipe production accounted for more than 50% of world steel pipe production six years ago. Among them, honing pipe production accounted for more than 60% of the world's total output, and welded steel pipe production accounted for the world's total output of welded steel pipes. More than 45% of China's has become a veritable world steel pipe production country. It has reached the world advanced level in terms of output, variety, quality, equipment and equipment level, and production technology level.