What Are The Principles When Buying A Welding Positioner?

- Jul 04, 2019-

The welding positioner mainly refers to a device that can assist in welding. It is mainly used for welding where the workpiece is required to be deformed during welding. In this way, the ideal welding position and the ideal welding efficiency can be achieved. The welding positioner can be used with many other types of machines to form the type of automatic welding. It can also be used for workpiece displacement during manual welding. At present, there are many types of positioner on the market, so it also gives consumers a problem when they choose.


When choosing, first look at the function of becoming a machine. It is necessary to see whether it is a curve or a straight line when performing the specified translation or vertical motion; in addition, it depends on whether the motion at the time of rotation can be continuous or intermittent. Generally choose to do linear motion and machines that can achieve continuous flipping; then look at the overall speed of the machine during exercise, see whether the speed is fast or slow, whether to do constant speed or variable speed, these are needed at the time of purchase Be clear; then look at the machine's stability and accuracy when the machine completes these actions; finally, you need to check the function of some parts. The positioner must have the ability to implement self-locking, in order to ensure the safety of turning over or achieving some relatively large tilting action.