What Are The Three Different Hardnesses Of The Hydraulic Cylinder Pipe?

- Aug 26, 2019-

We know that the hydraulic cylinder pipe belongs to the hollow strip type round steel and has been widely used in various industries. But Xiao Bian found that although there are many people using it, most people don't know much about the hardness of the cylinder tube. Here, we will take a closer look at the three different hardnesses of the cylinder tube.


The first type: Rockwell hardness.


The test of the cylinder tube in Rockwell hardness is actually the same as the Brinell hardness test. It is a test method using indentation, but the difference is that Rockwell mainly measures the depth of the indentation, among which Rockwell The hardness test method is the most widely used, because Rockwell hardness is more suitable for testing soft metal materials, effectively eliminating the shortage of Brinell hardness test, and the method and method are relatively simple. However, because the indentation is relatively small, the value of hardness is not as good as that of Brinell.


Second: Brinell hardness.


In the standard test of the entire cylinder tube, Brinell hardness is the most widely used, and the indentation is often used to indicate the main hardness of the material, which is not only intuitive but also very convenient. However, if it is a harder or thinner steel, the method is less suitable.


Third: Vickers hardness.


This hardness test is still a test method for indentation. It is suitable for relatively thin metals or materials with relatively high surface hardness. It has the dual advantages of Rockwell and Brinell, and the disadvantages of the two hardness tests. Overcome, but there is no Rockwell simple and convenient, so Vickers is less used in the case of high steel pipe standards.