What Causes The Cold Drawn Steel Pipe To Be Crushed, How To Avoid It?

- Jul 02, 2019-

Because some customers buy cold drawn steel pipes with a relatively small thickness, it is easy to deform due to external force during transportation, but customers will think that the quality of cold drawn steel pipes we produce is problematic. In order to avoid similar incidents, not only cold drawn steel pipes should be paid more attention when loading, but also cautious during transportation.


The reason why the cold-drawn steel pipe is deformed is because the pipe is relatively thin, the partial deformation caused by the loading of the car is squeezed, and the bumps of the cold-drawn steel pipe during transportation cause secondary damage to the pipe. Being squashed.


It can be seen that the cause of the cold-drawn steel pipe being crushed is excluded from the man-made damage, most of which is due to the improper arrangement of the thickness of the loading, and the transportation problem, sometimes due to the driver's strap. Reconciliation caused by the reason of the rope.


Therefore, to control the occurrence of similar problems, we must first learn how to load the cold drawn steel pipe. Under normal circumstances, the thicker wall thickness should be placed first underneath, and under the wooden block to prevent transportation, metal and metal. The collision causes the roundness to deteriorate.


Then put the thin-walled cold-drawn steel pipe on top or put another area; and choose to bundle the wood when loading, so as not to cause the bumps in the transportation to make the material bend. In addition, when the rope is tied, it will be compact, avoiding damage to the pipe and reducing unnecessary losses.