What Is The Seal Between The Chrome Plated Bar And The Cylinder Gap?

- Jun 19, 2019-

In general, the seal between the chrome plated bar and the cylinder gap is primarily sealed with a packing. Packing seals are a type of dynamic seal that is primarily used in the moving parts of process machines and equipment in the machine industry, such as the plunger or piston rod of a compressor and the seal between the stem of a linear, helically moving valve and the stationary body. The packing seal of the chrome-plated rod is firstly obtained by means of the difference in gas pressure before and after the sealing.


The voids in the chrome plated bar packing ring generally have the following voids:


1. Incision void: The first is to compensate for the wear of the packing ring.


2. Axial clearance: It is used to ensure that the packing ring can float freely, otherwise it will not work properly.


3. Radial clearance: avoid the sinking of the piston rod, so that the packing ring is pressed to avoid deformation or damage.


It can be seen from the above that the chrome plated bar and the cylinder gap can be sealed with a packing. However, when the packing is sealed, different packing sealing structures are selected according to the actual pressure of the gas before and after the sealing, the nature of the gas, and the requirements for the sealing.