What Should You Pay Attention To When Installing The Seal On The Piston Rod?

- Sep 08, 2019-

I believe that everyone knows that the piston rod is a connecting member used in cylinders, cylinders, etc. for reciprocating actuators. Therefore, the piston rod requires a certain axial force and reciprocates at a certain speed to achieve external work. Especially in high-pressure, high-speed motion, the sealing problem of the piston rod is very important, so we must do a good job of sealing the piston rod. So what should you pay attention to when installing the seal on the piston rod?


1. It is necessary to ensure that the cylinder has a chamfer.


2. If the cylinder is not chamfered, please use the mounting sleeve.


3. Deburr and chamfer or round the sharp edge and cover the threaded end of the screw.


4, need to remove debris, impurities ... and other processing residues, and all parts are cleaned.


5. When installing, the seal can be oiled or greased, which will make it easier to install.


6. When installing rubber piston rod seals, attention must be paid to the compatibility between the seal material and these lubricants.


7. If you want to get the best sealing effect, you usually need to use the dust ring. If the oil film on the piston rod is thick, the dust-proof ring with the heavy oil scraping will scrape off the oil film ring remaining on the piston rod when the piston rod moves, which causes a similar leakage phenomenon, so it is necessary to prevent such a phenomenon.


The above is the precautions for the piston rod when installing the seal. If the sealing member is installed correctly, the gap between the oil in the chamber can be closed, and the dust, sand and the like can be prevented from intruding into the interior of the tank.