Why Is The Chrome Plated Steel Rod Colored?

- Jun 17, 2019-

Because the hydraulic oil contains more complex additives, the additive will crystallize and adhere to the surface of the chrome plated steel rod under the specific temperature and high pressure of the hydraulic oil. Under the action of the hydraulic cylinder oil seal shear force, the piston rod will be discolored. phenomenon. Different grades of hydraulic oil should not be mixed as much as possible, otherwise the quality of the oil will be degraded, and if it is serious, the oil will deteriorate. The hydraulic oil contains a variety of additives with special effects. When oils with different system additives are mixed, it will affect its performance and even deteriorate the precipitation of the additives. In this case, it is easy to cause the piston rod to be colored. 


When the hydraulic oil is used more than the replacement cycle, the chemical properties of some of the additives become particularly unstable. When the hand operated operating device cylinder excavates hard stones, the frequent overflow of some working cylinders leads to the inside of the cylinder. The hydraulic oil is in a local high temperature and high pressure state, and the chrome plated steel rod of these cylinders is prone to discoloration of the cylinder rod. The bucket cylinder chrome plated steel rod coloring is particularly noticeable when part of the operator is used to digging unsplit hillsides with a separate bucket.