Why Is There A Lack Of Pressure On The Chrome Steel Rod?

- Aug 28, 2019-

1) The oil does not enter the hydraulic cylinder.


1 The reversing valve is not reversing.


2 The system is not supplied with oil.


2) Although there is oil, there is no pressure.


1 The system is faulty, mainly because the pump or the relief valve is faulty.


2 The internal leakage is serious, the piston and the piston rod are loose, and the seal is seriously damaged.


3) The pressure does not reach the specified value.


1 The seal is aging and fails, and the seal lip is reversed or damaged.


2 Piston ring is damaged.


3 system setting pressure is too low.


4 The pressure regulating valve is faulty.


5 When the flow rate of the regulating valve is too small, when the leakage amount in the hydraulic cylinder increases, the flow rate is insufficient, resulting in insufficient pressure.