500T adustable Rrotators use process and user requirements

- Jul 02, 2019-

The 500T Adustable Rotators mainly refers to the manual adjustment of the distance of the roller to adapt to different diameter workpieces during the process of use. According to the adjustment form, it can be divided into screw adjustment and screw adjustment (manual or electric). According to the driving form, it can be divided into: cycloid type, worm and worm type; according to user requirements, the roller can be made into: rubber wheel, polyurethane wheel, steel glue combination wheel, steel wheel. The Communicator can be made into a switch-controlled, wireless remote control. According to the actual applicable requirements, the roller frame can be made into a manual/electric walking type roller frame, a hydraulic inclined roller frame, an anti-smashing roller frame, a pair of roller frames, a lifting roller frame, and the like.


The adjustable roller frame can be divided into three types: rubber separation wheel, steel wheel and steel glue combination wheel according to the needs of users; it can be controlled with other equipment. The roller frame is mainly used for welding, polishing, lining and assembling of cylindrical cylinders, and can also be combined with other tooling for assembly and welding of cones and segmented unequal-diameter rotating bodies. This product is widely used in wind power, pressure vessels, petrochemical, pipeline, steel structure, boiler, shipbuilding, surfacing repair and other industries. Various types of roller frames can also be designed and customized according to user needs.