Accuracy requirements and application of honed tube

- Jan 30, 2019-

The honing pipe mainly processes various cylindrical holes in use, through holes, axial and radial interrupted holes, such as holes with radial holes or slots, key groove holes, spline holes, blind holes, multi-step holes, etc. . In addition, with a special honing head, it is also possible to machine tapered holes, elliptical holes, etc., but because the boring head has a complicated structure, it is generally not used. The cylindrical honing tool can be used to honing the cylinder, but the margin of removal is much less than the margin of the inner honing.


The honing tube can process any material, diamond and cubic boron nitride abrasives, further expanding the field of honing, and greatly improving the efficiency of honing.


The honing pipe is used to achieve the precision required by the drawings, and the honing process used in the operation is a processing method in which all the processing methods have a small amount of removal. In the honing process, the honing tool uses the workpiece as a guide to cut off the excess allowance of the workpiece to achieve the required precision of the workpiece. When honing, the honing tool first picks up a large amount of space in the workpiece, and then gradually picks up where it is necessary to remove less margin.