Skived And Roller Burnished Tube operation process and forming requirements

- Jan 29, 2019-

The rolling pipe is suitable for various hydraulic systems of construction machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery, agricultural transport vehicles, dump trucks, etc. in the process of operation. A method for rolling a pipe external thread, a rolling head and a rolling device thereof. The rolling wheel is axially moved relative to the hollow cylindrical blank by the screw tail to the thread head, and the radial feeding of the rolling wheel is controlled by the radial position adjusting device, so that the rolling wheel is radially fed The change in the axial rolling position is changed, so that the external thread of the tapered pipe is directly rolled and formed.


The Skived And Roller Burnished Tube comprises at least one rolling wheel arranged along the circumference and a corresponding rolling wheel shaft and a rolling wheel seat, the rolling wheel being rotatably fixed to the rolling wheel seat by the rolling wheel shaft, the rolling wheel A pipe thread forming portion is provided, and the thread length of the pipe thread forming portion is smaller than the effective thread length of the rolled pipe outer thread. A rolling apparatus including such a rolling head. Therefore, the end portion of the steel pipe is not easily deformed during rolling, and the material of the hollow cylindrical blank is significantly saved, and the yield is improved.


The Skived And Roller Burnished Tube will have a sand strip when it is working, and a lot of abrasive grains will be placed on the sanding bar. If sufficient pressure is applied to the abrasive grains, the Skived And Roller Burnished Tube will rub at a certain speed and then rub the surface of the workpiece. . Such extrusion and hanging side can reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece finely.