Cold Drawn Honed Tube heat treatment equipment process

- Jan 22, 2019-

1. Cold Drawn Honed Tube is normalized. The purpose of normalizing is to improve the mechanical properties of low-carbon steel during use. It can improve the machinability, refine the grains and eliminate the defects of the structure. Heat treatment for tissue preparation, etc.

2. Cold Drawn Honed Tube tempering: Common tempering processes include: low temperature tempering, medium temperature tempering, high temperature tempering and multiple tempering. The purpose of tempering: mainly to eliminate the stress generated by the steel during quenching, so that the steel has high hardness and wear resistance, and has the required plasticity and toughness.

The Cold Drawn Honed Tube has a high authenticity rate. When it is used, the rolling head of the boring head also plays a guiding role. During the cutting process, the blank tube is deflected due to its own weight, causing the rolling head and the boring tool to be deflected, resulting in waste. The authentic rate can only reach about 60%, and the cold drawing method can produce more than