Adjustment quality and upper system of L type welding positioner

- Jun 24, 2019-

The L type welding positioner is the main accessory of the regulating valve. It is usually used with the pneumatic regulating valve when it is used. It accepts the output signal of the regulator and then controls the pneumatic regulating valve with its output signal. When the regulating valve is actuated, the valve The displacement of the rod is fed back to the positioner through the mechanical device, and the valve position condition is transmitted to the upper system through the electrical signal.


The L-shaped welding positioner is the main accessory of the control valve. When it is used, its stem displacement signal can be used as the input feedback measurement signal. The controller output signal is used as the setting signal for comparison. When there is deviation between the two, the change is made. Its output signal to the actuator causes the actuator to operate, establishing a one-to-one correspondence between the valve stem displacement and the controller output signal. Therefore, the positioner constitutes a feedback control system in which the valve stem displacement is a measurement signal and the controller outputs a set signal. The manipulated variable of the control system is the output signal of the positioner to the actuator.


The L-shaped welding positioner is used for an important adjustment system that requires high adjustment quality to improve the positioning requirements and reliability of the regulating valve. It is used when the pressure difference between the two ends of the valve is large (△p>1MPa). The output force of the actuator is increased by increasing the pressure of the air source to overcome the imbalance force generated by the liquid on the spool, and the stroke error is reduced.