Advantages and characteristics of pneumatic cylinder tubes

- Jun 20, 2019-

Pneumatic cylinder tube is a kind of high precision steel pipe material after cold drawing or hot rolling. Because the inner and outer walls of precision steel pipes have no oxide layer, high pressure and no leakage, high precision, high smoothness, no deformation of cold bending, flaring, flattening and cracking, etc., they are mainly used to produce pneumatic or hydraulic components, such as cylinders or The cylinder can be a seamless tube. The chemical composition of the cylinder tube is carbon C, silicon Si, manganese Mn, sulfur S, phosphorus P, chromium Cr.


Advantages of pneumatic cylinder tubes


1. Improve the surface roughness, and the roughness can reach Ra≤0.08μm.


2. Correct the roundness, the ellipticity can be ≤0.01mm.


3, improve the surface hardness, so that the deformation of the force is eliminated, the hardness is increased by HV ≥ 4 °


4. There is residual stress layer after processing to increase fatigue strength by 30%.


5, improve the quality of the coordination, reduce wear and extend the life of the parts, but the processing costs of the parts are reduced.


Pneumatic cylinder tube features


1. The outer diameter is smaller.


2. High precision can be used to make small batches


3. The cold drawn product has high precision and good surface quality.


4. The cross-sectional area of steel pipes is more complicated.


5. The performance of steel pipe is superior and the metal is dense.