Advantages of rolling quilted pipe

- Mar 07, 2021-

The main implementation of rolling quilted pipe is: rolling knife (also called rolling head, rolling tool, rolling knife, squeezing knife, extrusion head, etc.), rolling machine, etc. The principle is basically the same, please consult: Ningbo High-tech Zone Dr. Jing Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Gang. Rolling tool shank forms: straight shank, Morse taper shank (pictured), threaded shank, BT shank, cross shank, etc. The difference in shank is just to adapt to the processing machine tools, such as: drilling, milling, lathe, boring machine , Machining centers, special drilling machines, etc. The internal structure of the rolling cutter has no other changes. In order to adapt to different workpieces, there are different size requirements. The rolling cutter is basically customized according to the needs of the workpiece. To expand the processing range of the rolling cutter, the size of the workpiece must be considered. range.