Automated welding positioner is the inevitable outcome of the development of welding equipment

- Aug 25, 2019-

Under the favorable development environment of the welding positioner, the emergence of the automatic positioner greatly improved the technology and performance of the welding auxiliary machine, and the automation level was improved, which greatly enhanced the control level of the welding equipment and improved the production efficiency. And production capacity, comprehensively improve the international competitiveness of China's welding equipment.


The automatic welding positioner is an inevitable product of the development of welding equipment. In the development process of welding equipment manufacturers, according to the needs of market development, not only pay attention to the strength of the enterprise, but also pay attention to the brand building of the enterprise, pay more attention to the automation level of the enterprise products, Promote the development of the positioner industry in a high, precise and sharp direction.


Welding positioner has always been an important part of the welding auxiliary machine market. Its leading position in the welding industry has become increasingly prominent. The demand for automatic welding equipment has become more and more intense in the market. Manufacturers have applied new technology development as soon as possible. On the product, then the market is the key development direction.


Welding equipment represented by welding positioner is closely related to human life. In the face of the current development momentum of the welding equipment market, the sales of welding positioner has also grown rapidly. Only products with excellent technical quality can be Enterprises can bring more profits to win the market.