Cold drawn tube can be sprayed without blasting?

- May 12, 2019-

Cold drawn tubes are more elaborate in processing, and if there is a problem, different effects will appear. Is it necessary to perform shot blasting when the cold drawn tube is made?


1. Shot blasting is also the name of a mechanical surface treatment process. Similar processes include sand blasting and shot peening. Shot blasting is a cold treatment process, which is divided into shot blasting and shot blasting. As the name suggests, blasting is to remove impurities such as surface scale and improve the appearance quality. Shot peening is to use high-speed moving projectiles (60-110m/s). Continuous impact is strengthened on the surface of the workpiece, forcing the surface of the target and the surface layer (0.10-0.85mm) to undergo the following changes during cyclic deformation: the microstructure is modified; the non-uniform plastic deformation of the outer surface introduces residual compressive stress, Surface layer residual tensile stress; outer surface roughness changes (Ra Rz). Impact: It can improve the fatigue fracture resistance of materials/parts, prevent fatigue failure, plastic deformation and brittle fracture, and improve fatigue life.


2. Shot blasting makes the surface of the workpiece reach a certain roughness, making the workpiece beautiful, or changing the welding tensile stress of the workpiece to compressive stress and improving the service life of the workpiece. By increasing the roughness of the surface of the workpiece, the adhesion of the paint film to the subsequent painting of the workpiece is also improved.


3. Shot blasting is used in almost all areas of machinery, such as repairing ships, auto parts, aircraft parts, gun tank surfaces, bridges, steel structures, glass, steel profiles, pipeline interior and exterior corrosion, and even road surfaces. And other industries.


4, shot blasting, one of the acrobatics. Throwing multiple projectiles under both hands does not cause landing. Lu Xun's "New Stories and Casting Swords": "There are recent wonderful tricks such as walking, smashing, throwing pills, standing upside down, swallowing knives, spitting fire, etc., and they all look unintentional." See "Getting Pills" . It can be seen that the cold drawing tube needs to be shot blasting to see what the purpose is. If it is used for a large amount, it is necessary. Otherwise, it is not necessary! When your cold drawn tube is shot, it is necessary to apply it. Installed, otherwise it will rust.


Because there is a aging problem after shot blasting, just like the shelf life of the product, you may rust after this time. The shot blasting is a physical rust removal process. The iron molecules on the surface will not oxidize. If the moisture in the air If the content is too high, it will return to rust soon. Therefore, the basic requirement is to spray within 4~8 hours after shot blasting.