What kind of lubricant is used when cleaning the cold drawn tube, how to clean it?

- May 11, 2019-

Cold drawn tubes also need to be cleaned during use and maintenance. Cleaning cold drawn tubes can make cold drawn tubes relatively clean and hygienic, and play a more important role in the way of use. The cold drawn tube is made in a relatively low temperature environment and has important performance and advantages. The cleaning of the cold drawn tube is carried out by professional techniques and lubricants. What are the specific methods and types of lubricants used?

Cold drawn tube


The lubricants commonly used to clean cold drawn tubes are: soapy water or vegetable oil. The specific method and method are as follows:


The cold drawn tube must completely remove the burrs at the end of the tube before cleaning, and then use a hard tube nozzle to fire 2 ultra-clean pellets for cleaning. If there are oil or grease contaminants in the pipe, hard pipe projectiles should be used to remove such contaminants more effectively. If there is corrosion, welding slag, etc. in the pipe, the friction projectile should be used to remove these pollutants first. The friction projectile can be used multiple times until it is confirmed that these contaminants have been removed. Whether using hard tube bombs to remove oil contaminants or using friction bombs to remove rust or slag, ultra-clean pellets must be used for final cleaning to ensure ideal cleanliness of the tubing. To clean the cold drawn tube assembly, it is recommended to clean the cold drawn tube before assembling the assembly. After assembly as an assembly, it can only be cleaned with ultra-clean projectiles, and attention must be paid to the connection between the cold-drawn pipe and the joint, and there must be no steps. The hose nozzle can also be used for cleaning the cold drawn tube, but the projectile must be carried out separately from the two ends to ensure the cleaning of the blocked part of the nozzle. The end of the cold drawn tube is inverted 1×45. The angle of the hose can greatly extend the life of the hose nozzle.


Cold drawn tubes are used under various pressures and various temperatures, and they play a huge role in many occasions and various modes of use, and become the main production and use targets of cold drawn tubes. In the future, cold extubation will play a more important role!