Conductor and performance of the roller frame

- Mar 09, 2019-

The roller frame must be equipped with its reliable conductive device during the operation. To a certain extent, the welding current is not allowed to flow through the bearing of the roller frame. The cylindrical workpiece of the roller frame is on the anti-axial rolling roller frame. When welding, the axial movement of the workpiece during the entire welding process should be ≤ ± 3 mm.


The center distance of each pair of rollers in the roller frame must be adjusted according to the diameter of the cylinder-like workpieces, so that the angle of the two rollers to the simplified body is 45° and less than 110°. With 15m control cable, roller positive and negative switch, near control, remote control switch.


To ensure the performance of the equipment to a certain extent, the roller frame should be lubricated regularly or irregularly for all the transmission components. The cycloid reducer must be inspected monthly to make up the lubricating oil. All transmission components are not lubricated and are strictly prohibited.


The grease must be replaced before the long-term storage of the equipment in the roller frame is restarted. The roller should be in full contact with the workpiece during use. Do not touch the roller with a weld or sharp part to avoid damage to the roller. When lifting the workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to hit the roller vigorously to prevent damage to the roller or other