Degree of freedom and stability of Welding positioner

- Nov 01, 2018-

The table of the seat type Welding positioner has an overall degree of inversion, which can be turned over to the ideal welding position for welding. The table of the seat type Welding positioner also has a degree of freedom of rotation. It is mainly used for the welding of some tubes and discs. The side of the table is supported by the slewing mechanism on the inclined shafts on both sides. The table rotates at the welding speed, and the inclined side passes through the sector gear or the hydraulic cylinder, which is constant in the range of 140°. Speed tilt.

The seat type Welding positioner has good stability when it is used. Generally, it is not fixed on the foundation. It is very convenient in the process of moving. The applicable range is from 1 to 50t. The flipping position of the work piece is the current application. The most extensive form of construction, often used in conjunction with telescopic arm welding machines. A seat-type positioner is a device that allows the weld to be in a horizontal or boat-shaped position by turning or tilting the table.

The table rotation of the seat type Welding positioner is mainly driven by frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and the work table is driven to tilt by a sector gear or a hydraulic cylinder. It can be controlled in conjunction with the operator or welder. The control system is available in three configurations: push button digital control, switch digital control and switch relay control. This product is used for the welding of various rotary parts such as shafts, discs and cylinders. It is currently the most widely used structural form.