Quality requirements and process of 1020 Honed Tube

- Oct 31, 2018-

In the process of drawing, the cold-drawn 1020 Honed Tube is elongated and broken, and the lattice produces a "displacement" which shows the effect of increasing strength and hardness, and the grain density is thinner, and can be processed by a reasonable process. The plastic deformation of the cold-drawn 1020 Honed Tube is kept within a certain range, and the comprehensive mechanical properties of the cold-drawn steel pipe are higher than the hot-rolled state.

The cold drawn 1020 Honed Tube is in terms of the process and the time and material input.

In the past, a few honing cylinder bodies were designed to undergo heat treatment to improve their performance, such as single-hydraulic hydraulic strut cylinders and column billet heat treatment and quenching and tempering. The cylinders in the machinery industry also have provisions for normalizing and reprocessing of 45 steel. However, the cold drawn 1020 Honed Tube can simplify the corresponding heat treatment process due to the improvement of its mechanical properties.

Cold drawn 1020 Honed Tube in terms of product quality, roughness and other quality

The precision cold drawing 1020 Honed Tube removes the scale from the inner and outer surfaces before pulling, and then the inner and outer molds are drawn and extruded, which not only has good surface roughness, but also is smooth and beautiful, which is also a remarkable feature. Secondly, the geometric accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the cold-drawn 1020 Honed Tube are formed by extrusion plastic deformation of the inner and outer dies. Since the precision of the die itself is very high, the precision of the cold-drawn 1020 Honed Tube that is deformed by the inner and outer die is also determined by the die. Come to get guaranteed.http://www.ht-tube.com/