Design and working conditions of piston rod chrome bar

- Jul 04, 2019-

The piston rod chrome bar is mainly manufactured by precision cold drawing, fine grinding and high precision polishing in the process of production. All technical indexes meet and exceed the standard. The quenching and tempering piston rod can be directly used for cylinders, cylinders, shock absorbers, textile printing and dyeing, printing machinery guide rods, die casting machines, injection molding machine guide rods and four-column press guide columns, fax machines, printers and other modern office machinery guide shafts. Some industry products that are precision and slender shafts are parts.


Quenching and tempering piston rod design matters


1. The purpose of the equipment is the workpiece condition.


2. Structural characteristics, load conditions, required speed, size stroke and action requirements of the working mechanism.


3. The selected hydraulic system working pressure.


4. Current status of materials, accessories and processing technology.


5. Relevant standards and technical specifications.


6. The piston rod should be subjected to a very large load in the multi-tension state as much as possible, and has good longitudinal stability under multi-pressure conditions.


Quenching and tempering piston rod knowledge


Quenching and tempering piston rod testing hardness: Hardness meter measurement is usually divided into lossy measurement and non-destructive measurement. Non-destructive measurement is less damage and cannot be completely damaged. This injury is fatal relative to the axis in the middle of the piston, so only through destructive measurements.