Development of production process of honing pipe

- Apr 17, 2020-

The production of honing tubes generally requires complex processes and strict inspections before it can be produced. Because it is used in the production of various mechanical parts, the precision requirements for honing tubes are very high. With the development of science and technology, its production process is constantly improving and improving, which is of great help to the production efficiency of honing tubes.

In order to make its production efficiency higher, we have adopted a new production process, which is produced by grinding and automatic grinding. Among them, automatic grinding includes the use of electric power or ultrasonic grinding to complete production tasks. With good production technology, production efficiency will rise. In recent years, we have used the above several grinding methods to produce grinding tubes, and have achieved great results. The grinding of inner and outer circles is no longer a problem. I believe in our continuous efforts In order to achieve better process development.