Environmental standards and connection of the welding rotator

- Nov 08, 2018-

The welding rotator can be used in any environment, and its use is also widely used. Secondly, the general welding rotator can be driven by a controllable silicon DC motor, the speed is stable, the stepless speed regulation can be realized, and the work cycle material consumption is realized. All are fixed, so that all losses are controllable. Also, the DC power supply used in the welding rotator does not need to be powered by fuel like a conventional transmission device. It does not generate environmentally harmful gases or liquids during operation, and is environmentally friendly. standard.

During the operation of the welding rotator, it is forbidden to disassemble and inspect the equipment, so that the welding and other work can be removed. When checking the motor effectively, it is necessary to check all the bearings and use the dust on the coils such as dry cloth and manual blower. Remove dirt, check the ball bearings twice a year, replace with new butter or other suitable lubricants, if the ball bearings are damaged, replace them immediately.

The welding rotator must check the connection of the motor wires every ten days during operation. The contact piece must be very tight, so that it can avoid overheating or oxidation at the contact point, and the grounding screw must also be checked on time. All parts in the electrical equipment must be kept clean. Once the contact piece is worn, it should be replaced immediately. The contactor cannot be lubricated because the lubricating oil is not good for it.http://www.ht-tube.com/