Factors affecting the mechanical leakage of the A106B honed tube

- Jul 28, 2019-

A106B honed tubes play an important role in the hydraulic industry. Mechanical sealing performance is related to industrial production development. The mechanical seal of the honing pipe is also the focus of people's attention. There are many factors for mechanical leakage. Let us introduce it to you today.


There are reasons for mechanical leakage. For example, the reliability of the hydraulic system depends to a large extent on the design of the hydraulic system seal and the choice of seals. Due to the unreasonable selection of the seal structure in the design, the selection of the seal is not standardized. The compatibility of the hydraulic oil and the sealing material, the load condition, the ultimate pressure, the working speed, and the change of the ambient temperature are not considered in the design. These all directly or indirectly cause hydraulic system leakage to varying degrees.


In addition, due to the dust and impurities in the working environment of the construction machinery, it is necessary to select a suitable dustproof seal in the design to prevent dust and other pollutants from entering the system to damage the seal and contaminate the oil, thereby causing leakage. The design considers that the geometrical accuracy and roughness of the moving surface are not comprehensive enough, and there is no strength check of the joints in the design, which will cause leakage in the mechanical work.


It can be seen that there are various factors that cause mechanical leakage. In order to make the mechanical sealing performance of the honing pipe good, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of materials when designing and manufacturing, and to operate correctly, so that it can work normally.