Factors causing surface problems of honing rolling tube

- May 04, 2020-

There are many people who do not pay much attention to the surface problems when choosing honing rollers. In fact, surface problems also have a great impact on the use of honing rollers, which will affect the future use and life of honing rollers. What causes the surface problems of the honing rolling tube?

1. Quality of material selection

Under normal circumstances, there will be small holes on the surface of our honing rolling tube. These small holes are mainly caused by the hot rolling of the material during the processing. When the surface temperature of the part is high, the part will produce pores. , So as to leave a lot of pits on the surface of the part. Therefore, we have to choose a pipe with a small degree of corrosion, and the inner wall of the pipe should be as thick as possible. Such hot-rolled pipes can be processed to reduce the occurrence of pores and improve the production quality of steel pipes. Imitation marble decorative panel

2. The shape of the steel pipe

Generally, the honing rolling tubes we use are relatively thin, which results in the pores generated on the surface of the pipe. We can increase the thickness and diameter of the pipe to reduce the attachment points of the pores, which will not appear on the surface.

3. Handling of defects of the pipe itself

There are pits and pores on the surface of the honing rolled pipe, which is also related to the defects of the pipe itself. We should try to avoid the problems caused by the pipe itself, try to further process the pipe, reduce the occurrence of defects such as pores and pits, and improve the pipe. Production efficiency and quality.