Fixed adjustment and rotation Angle of welding rotator

- Jul 02, 2018-

welding rotator in daily life, it is easy to stick dirty things, especially the dirty things on wheels are difficult to clean, how should the welding rotator be cleaned?

1、  Prepare special welding rotator cleaning machine

2、  Remove the welding rotator  and other parts of the rollers before cleaning

3、  Put the disassembled parts in the container, add professional cleaning agent and water according to the ratio of 1:5, for simple cleaning, pay attention to the soaking time not too long.

4、Use a clean cloth dipped in a ratio of one to five harmonized cleaning agent, the entire wheel rack is wiped clean to remove surface stains.

5、  After all parts are cleaned, wipe with dry cleaning cloth, and then pour the original factory's special curing agent to wipe the surface of the roller stand.

6、  Finally, install all the disassembled parts

Weldiing rotator in the process of operation is mainly refers to with the help of a weldment and driving roller friction, to a certain extent, mainly drive the circular weld rotation, so that you can complete circular seam welding, welding speed can be adjusted by wheel rack driving roller speed. The roller should always stay on the same axis so that the workpiece is not easy to deform and slip when rotating. Adjustable roller rack has three types: manual screw adjustable, manual bolt shifting and electric slide shifting. By adjusting the center distance of the roller, suitable for different diameter cylinder.

Welding rotator layout of attention in the process of operating the roller and the laying of head length, to a certain extent, the base to keep parallel with the ground, before place to clean up the bottom, to prevent impurities mixed with. After the arrangement of the roller stand is completed, the universal wheel will be installed. The wheel will enter according to the fitting card of the gear mouth of the bracket, and then rotate 90 degrees clockwise to tighten it.

Welding rotator bracket fixed debugging, to a certain extent, effectively maintain its support of vertical, effective through its fine-tuning hand support Angle adjustment, correct installation of the steel structure fitting, remember to power in the process of safe operation, all processes are complete again after the operation, at the time of installation of castor must get card buckle on the gear vertically into the mouth, castor keep in a vertical plane with platform, test when open the insurance device first, then open the power supply, keep dry and working environment.