Types and advantages of welding positioner

- Jun 13, 2018-

Engineering machinery in the shape of the difference between different structure is relatively large, in the process of welding into a demand is also different, therefore, to some extent can effectively according to the structure characteristics of the welding structure and welding requirements, effective choose their suitable displacement of welding machine is every enterprise more concern. Displacement of welding machine is to weld rotation, tilt, make the weld on the weldment in favorable displacement welding position of the welding equipment, the classification of the common are: L double rotary, C double rotary and double column single rotary, two-seat double rotary head to tail

1L double rotary

The displacement of welding machine working device as L, are being used in two direction of the rotation degrees of freedom, and two direction can be + 360 ° for arbitrary rotation. The advantages of this welding machine are good opening, easy to operate, easy to weld parts such as the back bridge box of bulldozer.

2C double rotary

The C double rotary welding machine is the same as the L double rotary welding machine, but the fixture of the welding machine is slightly changed according to the shape of the structural parts. This type of welding machine is suitable for the welding of loader, excavator bucket and other structural parts. It can be used to weld excavator bucket and other parts.

3.double column single rotary

The main characteristic of this kind of welding machine is that the motor drive working device at one end of the vertical column runs along a rotating direction and the other end follows the active end. The two side columns can be designed as lifting type to meet the welding requirements of different specifications. The disadvantage of this type of welding machine is that it can only rotate in a circular direction. When selecting this type of welding machine, we should pay attention to whether the weld form is suitable or not. This kind of product can be applied to excavating mobile arm and other parts.

4.two-seat double rotary head to tail

The double-head and stern double-turn welding machine is the active space of the welded structural parts, and on the basis of the double-column single-turn welding machine, a rotating degree of freedom is added. This kind of welding machine is more advanced and has a large welding space. It can rotate the workpiece to the required position and apply to X frame of welding excavator.