Flexible movement and processing requirements for welding positioner

- Jul 31, 2018-

in the process of operation, the parts of the welding positioner and the guide rails and rollers should be coated with lubricating grease, and the closed drive parts should be filled with lubricating oil to keep the parts moving flexibly. Regularly check and clean the moving parts of guide rail, sliding frame, screw rod and nut of sliding frame to prevent dust accumulation, flux and other sundries, which will affect the flexible movement of the moving parts. No collision is allowed and all movement surfaces are worn.

The welding positioner needs to check its lifting chain once a month, so as to effectively prevent it from falling and rolling, vertical column roller, beam roller and other key moving parts from abrasion cleaning and matching clearance. If problems are found, timely adjustment, maintenance, replacement, lifting chain and connection pin, etc. It must be removed and inspected once a year and handled promptly.

The welding positioner needs to check its forming switches frequently, to a certain extent, its movement flexibility and reliability, and whether its mechanical protection block is loose and damaged during operation. Check the electrical connector frequently to keep the connection strong and reliable.

Blow the dust in the electric control cabinet and control box with compressed air once a month to keep the relays, buttons and switches clean and in good contact so as to avoid misoperation. All reducers must check whether there is lubricating oil in the reducer before use. It is forbidden to use without lubricating oil